Brock Herion

About Me 💡

My name is Brock and I'm a full-stack software developer from the Chicagoland area.

Programming Life 👨‍💻

I've been interested in computers and programming for as long as I can remember. A large part of that was growing up playing games like Star Wars: Battlefront, Minecraft, and Skyrim. One of my earliest memories was looking up a tutorial on how to build a blog and watching a video on Ruby on Rails. I was probably about nine or ten at the time.

My first project I ever did was eigth grade, where I made a top-down shooter in Scratch. It was all drag and drop, but it was my first exposure to logic and conditionals. After that, I grew an interest in iOS but never did anything with it. I instead pursued hardware and building my own PC's.

I took in Java high school. I then pursued game development, learning Unity and C#. Still itching to build websites, I took a Web Design and JavaScript course in college. Disatissfied with it, I taught myself modern JavaScript, TypeScript, and picked up Angular for building web apps. I also focused on Java, C#, and Python for building backends for my applications.

My current stack revolves around building applications to be fast, robust, and scalable. I use C# on the backend for work, but use Next.JS for pretty much everything else. I deploy my apps to Vercel. For databases, I tend to lean on Supabase or Planetscale depending on what kind of application I'm building. I enjoy solving problems, not fighting with the tools and technology that are supposed to help me solve them.

Personal Life ☕️

I'm currently living in the Chicago suburbs with my fiance and our three cats. Together, we share our love of Disney, coffee, and over-the-top dramatic TV shows. We love taking trips and getting to travel with each other. Our wedding is June 4th, 2022 and we couldn't be more excited!

Besides programming, my own hobbies include reading and writing I love writing in my journal, studying various technologies, writing blog posts, and crafting short stories. I enjoy reading science fiction books like Dune and Foundation, but also like books on startups, finance, and personal growth.

When I have time, I still really enjoy gaming, specifically Minecraft. I love getting servers setup to play with my friends and just letting my creativity flow. I was also into creating texture packs and mods, but haven't done that in a long time. Sometimes, I'll play on modded servers, which lets me push the boundaries of creativity even further.